Saturday, September 28, 2013

Yarns made from silk are common in most yarn stores. These days, it has become the trend in creating a masterpiece. Creating the perfect yarn requires time and skills. It is good to know that there are handpicked women from India who are given the opportunity to make yarns from silk as a living. Normally, these women have been ignored by the society. This is the reason their kids do not stay in school else, they help their mothers work and earn to have food and provision at the end of the day. There is a yarn store that does not simply offer good quality yarns; also, they have provided opportunities for women to earn a living.

Silk Fabric

As silk originates in China and exported it to the West giving way for the Indians to have the jewels in their country. Now, silk yarns have been supplied to all parts of the world. It became a famous material for completing a work of art. These yarns can be one of your knitting supplies.

The Making of the Silk

Silk can be classified as an animal fiber. Since this starts as silkworms are cultivated. As soon as these silkworms transform into a cocoon, farmers are ready to gather and bring them to the factory. These cocoons are bathed in hot and cold water in order to soften the sericin. This is the gum that holds the cocoon together. The cocoons are then unwound into silk threads. Threads can be wound together in order to produce the priceless silk yarn.

The Process of Throwing

“Throwing” silk is the process of turning the silk thread into a yarn. This process begins with the raw silk. In other words, the process starts with the silk that still contain the sericin gum. The sericin will be washed out of the fabric in the later time using soap and water. However, it is sometimes removed before the yarn is being thrown. Raw silk is being sorted by type. It is then placed on reels. Thereby, it can be wound together using bobbins. The type of yarn depends on the direction and number of twists given to the silk threads as they are being wound.

Determine the Types of Yarn

Yarn Shoal
Most of the time, a discount yarn store can offer the perfect yarn for your project. Else, there are also expensive yarns that cannot produce a work of art. It all depends on the knitting yarn if you want to create a distinctive knitted garment or other item. Keep in mind that there are four types of yarn. It all depends on your project.
  • Thrown Singles
  • Trams
  • Organzine
  • Crepe
A Touch of a Recycled Silk Yarn

Creating a yarn out of a recycled silk yarn can be complex since this material is made by taking a silk leftover from making a silk garment. This is also known as “thrum”. Sometimes these are sold at garment mills. It is then sorted, teased, or pulled in order to strengthen the fiber as it is spun together with a tool called a drop spindle. Creating a project from recycled silk yarns can be a great masterpiece.


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