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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nicole Snow, Owner of Darn Good Yarn These days, the number of online yarn shops has greatly increased. This only proves that more people are interested in creating garments and other items made from yarns. These shops have offered a wide variety of yarns and other items to complete projects. There are even large popular shops that provide the women in Nepal and India to earn an income. Yarns are considered as treasures to some people. Meanwhile, as these yarn shops continue to offer knitters, crocheters, and yarn enthusiasts their needs, the demand for more options for them to continue using the yarns also increase. For instance, some yarn shop online offer packages or complete set for beginners. Although this may be offered at some local yarn shop, buying the yarns online can still make a difference.

One of the advantages of buying yarns online even if there are stores that sell yarn in your area is the convenience. Imagine the effort and time you spent looking for that perfect yarn for your project to be completed. Compared to visiting to best online yarn stores and obtain the yarn you need. Buying yarns at the comfort of your home allows you to get rid of the difficulties, not to mention, the hassle of traveling long distance only to find for the particular yarn for your masterpiece. All you have to do is to choose the yarn you need, order, and few days after, it will be delivered right into your home. In fact, some shops deliver it 72 hours after from the time you click on the 'buy' button. In other words, it's convenient and quick.
Another advantage you can get when you consider buying at an online store is the chance to compare on the prices of the yarns. So, if you're out of budget and prefer to use a cheap knitting yarn for your project, all it takes is to go online and search for a shop that offers the cheapest yarn there is. You can never do this when you visit the local yarn stores in your area. In addition, yarns sold online are cheaper than those actual shops. Although shipping and handling would count as an addition to the price, yarns are still cheap.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Try to visit a yarn shop and you will be able to see a lot of reclaimed silk ribbon yarns. A lot of yarn enthusiasts have greatly appreciated this yarn because of its beauty and simplicity. Not to mention, it appears to be elegantly distinctive as it is used as a garment or material for a project. Yarn shops offer opportunities to women in Nepal to work for them. Consider it an equal strong relationship when these women spin fibers and create wonderful yarns. Meanwhile, yarn shops are able to provide them the opportunity to work and earn for their family. To many, they think on this yarn as their treasure. Its beauty and wonder proves its purpose. Yarn enthusiasts learn how to value their yarns and fabrics, while people who do not have knowledge on how to take care of their fabric will never appreciate on the facts with regard to this material.

Facts on Sari Silk Fabrics
Traditionally, these are worn by Indian women. This fabric has its own style. In fact, silk yarns are used to create this fabric to add its elegance. Knowing that this is made from silk, you could tell that it could be delicate than any other fabric there is in the market. Therefore, this fabric requires proper care and handling especially when washing or dry cleaning before it becomes worn out. Think on this as the banana silk yarn. As delicate as this kind of yarn, so is the sari silk yarns. On the other hand, an item made from sari silk ribbon yarn is not an exemption. You still need to handle the material or item with care. Yes, it is possible to clean the fabric by hand, but dry cleaning will always be the better option. A good shampoo can be used in order to remove oil and revitalize the silk material especially on the color. There are a lot of techniques in caring for a silk sari ribbon and the fabric. The key is proper care and the fabric will be preserved.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Knitted Sweater Visiting online yarn shops allow yarn enthusiasts to have tons of ideas in creating different kinds of crafts and items that you can use or give as gifts. Looking at your damaged and useless wool sweater makes you think of creating another masterpiece. Have you tried felting? This process can be a little tedious but it can be interesting and fun. You can imagine how your wool sweater can be transformed into a felt fabric. The cold season will allow you to make your wool sweater unravel a work of art. Turn your winter clothing to a unique felt fabric. Thereby, you will no longer check out at your favorite yarn shop online. Let's learn the steps in felting a recycled wool fabric.

Materials Needed:
In completing this project you will need the following materials. You don't need to go to stores that sell yarn, the materials needed are just available in your home.
  • 100% wool sweater or any wool fabric
  • little amount of detergent
  • pillow slip
  • elastic rubber band
  • access to a washer and dryer (don't forget to read on the label on the wool sweater if it says washable or perhaps, super washed wool, otherwise it won't felt)
The Process:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pencil Roving
Over the years, the popularity of the knitting hobby allowed the reclaimed silk ribbon yarn to be known to quite a number of hobbyist continuing their passion of creating crafts. At a local yarn shop and even online, you will notice on the different yarns sold. Yarns of different texture and color are displayed. Other than that, they are able to buy and sell it to other yarn enthusiasts as well. These shops offer wholesale prices that would fit every interested entrepreneurs to start their own yarn business. Keep in mind that it is necessary for you to be able to learn the different terms and definitions used in this hobby. Thereby, you will be able to help other enthusiasts to increase not just their skills but their knowledge with regard to yarns increase.

Its Meaning in English
Unlike silk yarns and other kinds of yarns, producing this is made easier. Also, you will always have an option on whether or not to buy on the yarn alone or perhaps, settle on buying silk and spin it yourself. Spinning your yarns for your project to be completed will always remain a challenge yet interesting and fun.
In the world of spinning, roving would refer to the sheet of fiber that is being produced through a carding machine. Most possibly, a carding machine may not be familiar to you. In connection to the definition of roving where a carding machine is involved in the process, a carding machine consists of cylinders with the intermeshing wire teeth as it revolves in opposite directions or at different speeds. This machine is used for carding wool, cotton and other fibers. Sari silk ribbon yarn is a totally different kind of yarn. As most hobbyist and even the women in Nepal and India, as they produce this yarn, consider this yarn their treasure.
Have you heard of the term, “wool roving”? This is where it is oftentimes heard. In other words roving can be completed out of any kind of fiber, else a mixture of different fibers and elements for spinning.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Once you visit at online yarn shops, you will notice on the variety of yarns available to create different kinds of crafts. Keep in mind that a hemp is a versatile plant used to create quite a number of products including beauty, fabric, and building products, and even products used for households. As durable as this fiber is, this gave reasons for a lot of yarn enthusiasts to try to complete a project using another type of yarn, the natural hemp yarn.


Star Necklace

One of the best online yarn stores offer hemp yarn for creating such a distinctive craft. Did you know that a hemp yarn can be used to create jewelries? It can be used to create necklaces, bracelets, and even rings. All it takes is to string on a few beads or perhaps pendants on to a tie or a rope and you will have a wonderful craft. Else, you can always crochet or knit the hemp yarn to create your own pendant. In addition, you can braid several pieces of hemp yarn together and create a unique fashion accessory. So, going to stores that sell yarn would pay off as you create not only jewelries but also belts and headbands.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Crocheting Most online yarn shops do not only cater to knitting needs but they also offer materials such as needles and yarns to complete a crochet project. Yarns play an important role in creating a masterpiece. Not to mention your skills and techniques also paved way to making a wonderful creation.

Its Definition
There are only two materials needed to complete a crochet pattern, other than your techniques and skills, the crochet hook and the fiber or yarn should always be present if you want to make a crochet project. Crochet is considered to be a needlework technique that involves the two materials, crochet hook and the yarn or similar to it when there isn't any available yarn. Just as in knitting, you can also use different yarns for your pattern It all depends on how you want your project to be.

Its Goal

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

There has been a lot of shops selling distinctive discount yarn that can be used for different projects. The most popular yarn in town is considered to be the recycled silk yarn. It is said that in Nepal, they consider this as their treasure. Not only that this yarn is created from handpicked women from Nepal who are given the opportunity to work so they can support their family.

Knitting Patterns

What is this type of yarn?

Unlike any other discount yarns online, recycled silk yarns are far beyond the ordinary yarns. This is a lovely fiber that can be used to create a work of art. Other than that, there are yarn shops that enable the women in Nepal work for them and at the same time giving them greater opportunities. As how it is called, these yarns are made from recycled silk. Perhaps, you have known the famous fabric sari made from India. This is how this yarn came to be. It comes from the waste silk from the industrial weaving mills Before it is sold to the market, it is hand-spun in Nepal. So, women are given ways to work and at the same time earn money.

The Distinction of the Recycled Silk Yarn

The yarn is beautiful all around. Thereby, more and more customers prefer to use this material over the wholesale wool yarn else on the cheap cotton yarn. It has its beauty that enables this yarn to become distinctive from the rest. Ever wonder why it is considered a unique material? The fact that each hank is made individually, each recycled silk yarn is unique. In addition, even if you buy two hanks from the same shop or manufacturer, there wouldn't be any two yarns that are the same. In other words, it is not a guarantee that the colors of the yarns will be the same.