Friday, September 20, 2013

Regardless of the type of person who loves to knit or not, it is always rewarding whenever you have made use of your spare time. Creating a masterpiece such as knitting a poncho can be completed in a night or two. Not to mention, beginners in knitting find it addicting the moment they are able to see their work of art. A poncho is worn over a shirt, t-shirt, or perhaps a dress to warm the body. When the weather is too hot for a jacket or a coat, this is the perfect fit to bare your arms and allow it to feel the cool weather breeze. Sweaters restrict the arms from getting free air. On the other hand, a poncho keeps you warm whenever you are enjoying the cool weather outdoors. This article will show you an easy step by step guide on how to knit a poncho.


Materials Needed for the Craft

All you need are balls of yarn, knitting needles, and stitch markers. These materials can easily be found in the market near your area; else, you can always go online and place an order. There are shops that offer a covered bridge poncho kit using a recycled silk ribbon. There is a shop that coordinates with the women in Nepal and giving them opportunities to work and support their family and children. These women are hand selected and given the opportunity to collect income while their kids stay in school. The yarns are made from quality materials which in turn can make a great and colorful poncho.


Here’s what you need to do. You need to make two of these pieces. In order to create for the front part, you need to cast on 15 stitches. The key there is to place a stitch marker then cast on one stitch. This process continues until you reach the entire 15 stitches. You also need to create for the back part. It would make a total of 31 stitches. Remember to purl on the first side. This will serve as the wrong side.

Next, on the right side, you need to knit one and then increase one stitch. By doing so, you can lift the horizontal thread lying between the needles. Carefully knit until the first marker then continue doing the process until you can make a total of 35 stitches.

Repeat on the first step for eight times. At this point, you should have a total of 67 stitches. Keep in mind to purl the eleventh row.

Knitted Poncho
For the twelfth row, you need to knit to the first marker and then increase on one stitch and continue following on the procedure until you will be able to reach a total of 69 stitches.
Repeat on these procedures until your piece would measure 25 inches. You can sew on the right side seam.

In order to split on the neck collar, knit 60 stitches along the neck edge, then cast on three stitches to have a total of 63 stitches. Knit on the rows until the neck would measure 4 inches then bind it off.

Knitting kits work well for starters. Knitting can be fun and fulfilling. That is what this blog is all about. Ideas with regard to hand crafting will be shared in here.


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