Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Consider it the busiest days for wholesale yarn suppliers when their customers find time to select yarns for their knitting patterns. This is the reason most discount yarn stores offer a knitting kit complete with the pattern, needles, and the yarns.


The popularity of knitting has increased as more people have considered this an addicting hobby. Perhaps you have started knitting and created a masterpiece. Some people would say that a perfect creation depends on the skills. While some would say it depends on the materials. Knitting is simple and easy. In other words, a work of art depends on the quality of yarns or the materials used. Therefore, a good knowledge on how to select yarns for knitting patterns has to be considered as an essential.

Step 1:

You need to understand the different types of yarns. It doesn’t necessarily mean that discounted yarns have less quality than the rest of the yarns for sale. Keep in mind that each yarn has its specific purpose and use. There are shops that sell good quality yarns from India and Nepal. No matter how you use the yarn, any pattern will become a wonderful creation. Consider on the right yarn for the project. However, if you happen to have any problems with it, such as allergic reaction to the fiber, there will always be other options. You need to have at least a glimpse on this knowledge.

Step 2:

The weight can also tell a good quality yarn. Your project may depend on the weight of the yarn. Else, you need to substitute any recommended yarns if it isn’t available. In other words, you need to identify which weight pattern calls for else, substitute with the same weight of the yarn.

Step 3:

Say if you have a pattern available and it doesn’t indicate which yarn to use. At this point, you need to know how to identify and determine which yarn would be highly recommended for the project to be completed. You need to check on the properties of the yarn weight. Again, the weight plays an important role in your project. For instance, if you plan to create fine or airy items, perhaps a lace yarn is perfect for this kind of project. Baby yarns are those used to create baby items such as socks and other tiny items.

Step 4:

Consider on doing a test swatch. Simple and short knitting will allow you to picture what the project will look like when it is finished. Perhaps, knitting25 rows and 25 stitches wide will give you a glimpse on the project. Keep in mind that the needle size also matters. The size of the needle correlates directly to the weight of the yarns. If the yarn is too thick, it simply means that it is impossible for small needles to knit. On the other hand, if you use larger needles for lighter yarns, it will leave your project with too much holes. You need to find the right needle size for the right yarn. Otherwise, your project will never be something that you can consider as a work of art.   


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