Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Try to visit a yarn shop and you will be able to see a lot of reclaimed silk ribbon yarns. A lot of yarn enthusiasts have greatly appreciated this yarn because of its beauty and simplicity. Not to mention, it appears to be elegantly distinctive as it is used as a garment or material for a project. Yarn shops offer opportunities to women in Nepal to work for them. Consider it an equal strong relationship when these women spin fibers and create wonderful yarns. Meanwhile, yarn shops are able to provide them the opportunity to work and earn for their family. To many, they think on this yarn as their treasure. Its beauty and wonder proves its purpose. Yarn enthusiasts learn how to value their yarns and fabrics, while people who do not have knowledge on how to take care of their fabric will never appreciate on the facts with regard to this material.

Facts on Sari Silk Fabrics
Traditionally, these are worn by Indian women. This fabric has its own style. In fact, silk yarns are used to create this fabric to add its elegance. Knowing that this is made from silk, you could tell that it could be delicate than any other fabric there is in the market. Therefore, this fabric requires proper care and handling especially when washing or dry cleaning before it becomes worn out. Think on this as the banana silk yarn. As delicate as this kind of yarn, so is the sari silk yarns. On the other hand, an item made from sari silk ribbon yarn is not an exemption. You still need to handle the material or item with care. Yes, it is possible to clean the fabric by hand, but dry cleaning will always be the better option. A good shampoo can be used in order to remove oil and revitalize the silk material especially on the color. There are a lot of techniques in caring for a silk sari ribbon and the fabric. The key is proper care and the fabric will be preserved.

Silk Sari Skirt

After Washing Techniques
The moment the item or the fabric is being washed, you need to place the material on the towel and roll it. This should get rid of the excess moisture before you hang on a padded hanger to dry it. You might ask if you can use an ordinary hanger and not on the other. Remember, the fabric is too delicate to handle the damage whenever it is pulled on the rough surfaces. This is the reason for reading the labels and searching for simple yet effective techniques with regard cleaning the material.

Dealing with Stains
As soon as you can see a glimpse on the stain, deal and remove it in an instant. Have it dry cleaned if you do not want to allow the fabric to change its color and size. This is the reason hand washing it should not be used to clean the fabric. Consider on removers made from natural ingredients to retain its color and style. Sari silk fabrics are too expensive to be damaged. Therefore, learn how to take of it.


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