Thursday, November 14, 2013

Knitted Sweater Visiting online yarn shops allow yarn enthusiasts to have tons of ideas in creating different kinds of crafts and items that you can use or give as gifts. Looking at your damaged and useless wool sweater makes you think of creating another masterpiece. Have you tried felting? This process can be a little tedious but it can be interesting and fun. You can imagine how your wool sweater can be transformed into a felt fabric. The cold season will allow you to make your wool sweater unravel a work of art. Turn your winter clothing to a unique felt fabric. Thereby, you will no longer check out at your favorite yarn shop online. Let's learn the steps in felting a recycled wool fabric.

Materials Needed:
In completing this project you will need the following materials. You don't need to go to stores that sell yarn, the materials needed are just available in your home.
  • 100% wool sweater or any wool fabric
  • little amount of detergent
  • pillow slip
  • elastic rubber band
  • access to a washer and dryer (don't forget to read on the label on the wool sweater if it says washable or perhaps, super washed wool, otherwise it won't felt)
The Process:
Step # 1
Perhaps a trip to stores that sell yarn can be an option, but think again, you will be able to change your mind as this project is completed. The first step is to place the sweater in the pillowcase. You need to twist the top of it and fold it over to about 5 inches as you tightly secure it with the rubber band you have. Keep in mind that the pillow slip collects all the fuzz and the lint shed by the sweater and at the same time protect the washer.
Step # 2
This process prevents you to even buy a cheap knitting yarn for your project. You can imagine the result as the process is done. Moving on to the second step. You may be needing the washer this time since you will need to wash it with only 1/8 cup detergent. All it takes is to set the washer to its most agitation with the minimum amount of water. Agitation causes the wool fibers to tightly connect and shrink as it slowly creates a denser, warmer, durable and felted fabric.
Step # 3
Right after the wash portion, stop the washer immediately and inspect the sweater's weave. Whether or not it shrunk or if more agitation is needed. Dunk it into the washer and allow it to felt. Take note that the weave will become less apparent. Meanwhile, the fabric becomes thicker and fuller. Repeat on the process until you will achieve half smaller of its size.
Step # 4
Dry the sweater on high heat. Once it is thoroughly dried, pull the additional fuzz balls until the surface of the fabric is smooth and even.

Now you can start cutting and using the fabric to create your own masterpiece.


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